Bling Headbands for Women

As the saying goes, cooler heads always prevail. At Rhinestone Headwraps in Lady Placid, Florida, you can stand out and make a statement when you wear our signature Rhinestone Headwear pieces. Feel free to explore our gallery below to see some of our new and classic  Rhinestone Designs.

Our Gallery

Here are some of the patterns and  rhinestone motifs we have in store for you. We have the nicest headbands,headwraps,and rhinestone designs in the market place.






The Polly Pony is a high quality material that absorbs moisture and can cover the whole ear. The opening in back is great for managing your hair. Comfortable enough to wear all day for that marathon or just a day at the gym. Slip on for that convertible or bike ride, whatever your pleasure the Polly Pony is a sure pleaser!  Available in a multitude of colors and beautiful rhinestone designs, or no rhinestones at all! We are here for you and hope you too will join our ever growing Gal Pal Clientele!