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Bling Headwraps for Women

Rhinestone Headbands is home to the original headwraps that many bikers and sports enthusiasts love. Allow us to share with you our company’s small beginnings.

The Story Behind Our Success

In late 2006, owners John Walford and Julie Talaga launched Soco Headwear, a hat business that introduced interchangeable hatbands for lady golfers. Owing to their innovative idea, their business boomed with more than 200 accounts.

Julie's parents gave their full support in starting the business. They took care of all the sewing work and played a major role in discovering the headband and headwrap, and what these beautiful accessories are capable of.

John came up with the idea of selling useful headbands by accident. He was into poker leagues and was participating in a Texas Hold ‘Em tournament at the time. One evening, a friend who happened to finish his game early decided to take a ride on his bike. He asked John if he could try on one of the bandana hatbands John was selling.

John’s friend came back and excitedly told everyone that the headband did not blow off even with winds at 80 mph. John went home that night thrilled to tell Julie what happened. They came up with a slogan for their new-found product: “No Blow With Soco.”

Six months after releasing their new headbands, they noticed that major manufacturers in the motorcycle industry began to make their own versions of the headband, but none proved to be as successful as their original headwraps.

At present, John and Julie have fashioned more than 800 headband designs that stand out and top the market.

“We created this concept, and it has grown from a small company to an international success. People from all over the world are wearing our headbands and we are loving it!!

- John Walford / Julie Talaga Owners

We Wholesale!Call us at 239-272-5528-Johnny or 863-370-1864-Julie

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